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XlPivotCellType Enumeration
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XlPivotCellType Enumeration

Office 2007
Specifies the PivotTable entity to which the cell corresponds.

Version Information
 Version Added:  Excel 2007

xlPivotCellBlankCell9A structural blank cell in the PivotTable.
xlPivotCellCustomSubtotal7A cell in the row or column area that is a custom subtotal.
xlPivotCellDataField4A data field label (not the Data button).
xlPivotCellDataPivotField8The Data button.
xlPivotCellGrandTotal3A cell in a row or column area that is a grand total.
xlPivotCellPageFieldItem6The cell that shows the selected item of a Page field.
xlPivotCellPivotField5The button for a field (not the Data button).
xlPivotCellPivotItem1A cell in the row or column area that is not a subtotal, grand total, custom subtotal, or blank line.
xlPivotCellSubtotal2A cell in the row or column area that is a subtotal.
xlPivotCellValue0Any cell in the data area (except a blank row).

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