This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

PivotField.ClearManualFilter Method

Office 2007
Provides an easy way to set the Visible property to True for all items of a PivotField in PivotTables, and to empty the HiddenItemsList and VisibleItemsList collections in OLAP PivotTables.

Version Information
 Version Added:  Excel 2007



expression   A variable that represents a PivotField object.


This method is available for the PivotField object in PivotTables and for the CubeField object in the OLAP PivotTables. Calling it for a PivotField in an OLAP PivotTable will return a run-time error.

After calling this method, the following collections are empty: HiddenItemsList, HiddenItems, VisibleItemsList, and VisibleItems.