This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

WdPageBorderArt Enumeration

Office 2007
Specifies the graphical page border setting of a page.
wdArtApples1An apple border.
wdArtArchedScallops97An arched scalloped border.
wdArtBabyPacifier70A baby pacifier border.
wdArtBabyRattle71A baby rattle border.
wdArtBalloons3Colors11Balloons in three colors as the border.
wdArtBalloonsHotAir12A hot air balloon border.
wdArtBasicBlackDashes155A basic black-dashed border.
wdArtBasicBlackDots156A basic black-dotted border.
wdArtBasicBlackSquares154A basic black squares border.
wdArtBasicThinLines151A basic thin-lines border.
wdArtBasicWhiteDashes152A basic white-dashed border.
wdArtBasicWhiteDots147A basic white-dotted border.
wdArtBasicWhiteSquares153A basic white squares border.
wdArtBasicWideInline150A basic wide inline border.
wdArtBasicWideMidline148A basic wide midline border.
wdArtBasicWideOutline149A basic wide outline border.
wdArtBats37A bats border.
wdArtBirds102A birds border.
wdArtBirdsFlight35A birds-in-flight border.
wdArtCabins72A cabins border.
wdArtCakeSlice3A cake slice border.
wdArtCandyCorn4A candy corn border.
wdArtCelticKnotwork99A Celtic knotwork border.
wdArtCertificateBanner158A certificate banner border.
wdArtChainLink128A chain-link border.
wdArtChampagneBottle6A champagne bottle border.
wdArtCheckedBarBlack145A checked-bar black border.
wdArtCheckedBarColor61A checked-bar colored border.
wdArtCheckered144A checkered border.
wdArtChristmasTree8A Christmas tree border.
wdArtCirclesLines91A circles-and-lines border.
wdArtCirclesRectangles140A circles-and-rectangles border.
wdArtClassicalWave56A classical wave border.
wdArtClocks27A clocks border.
wdArtCompass54A compass border.
wdArtConfetti31A confetti border.
wdArtConfettiGrays115A confetti border using shades of gray.
wdArtConfettiOutline116A confetti outline border.
wdArtConfettiStreamers14A confetti streamers border.
wdArtConfettiWhite117A confetti white border.
wdArtCornerTriangles141A triangles border.
wdArtCouponCutoutDashes163A coupon-cut-out dashes border.
wdArtCouponCutoutDots164A coupon-cut-out dots border.
wdArtCrazyMaze100A crazy maze border.
wdArtCreaturesButterfly32A butterfly border.
wdArtCreaturesFish34A fish border.
wdArtCreaturesInsects142An insect border.
wdArtCreaturesLadyBug33A ladybug border.
wdArtCrossStitch138A cross-stitch border.
wdArtCup67A cup border.
wdArtDecoArch89A deco arch border.
wdArtDecoArchColor50A deco arch colored border.
wdArtDecoBlocks90A deco blocks border.
wdArtDiamondsGray88A diamond border using shades of gray.
wdArtDoubleD55A double-D border.
wdArtDoubleDiamonds127A double-diamonds border.
wdArtEarth122An earth number 1 border.
wdArtEarth221An earth number 2 border.
wdArtEclipsingSquares1101An eclipsing squares number 1 border.
wdArtEclipsingSquares286An eclipsing squares number 2 border.
wdArtEggsBlack66A black eggs border.
wdArtFans51A fans border.
wdArtFilm52A film border.
wdArtFirecrackers28A fire crackers border.
wdArtFlowersBlockPrint49A block flowers print border.
wdArtFlowersDaisies48A daisies border.
wdArtFlowersModern145A modern flowers number 1 border.
wdArtFlowersModern244A modern flowers number 2 border.
wdArtFlowersPansy43A pansy border.
wdArtFlowersRedRose39A red rose border.
wdArtFlowersRoses38A rose border.
wdArtFlowersTeacup103A teacup border.
wdArtFlowersTiny42A tiny flower border.
wdArtGems139A gems border.
wdArtGingerbreadMan69A gingerbread man border.
wdArtGradient122A gradient border.
wdArtHandmade1159A handmade number 1 border.
wdArtHandmade2160A handmade number 2 border.
wdArtHeartBalloon16A heart-balloon border.
wdArtHeartGray68A heart border in shades of gray.
wdArtHearts15A hearts border.
wdArtHeebieJeebies120A heebie-jeebies border.
wdArtHolly41A holly border.
wdArtHouseFunky73A funky house border.
wdArtHypnotic87An hypnotic border.
wdArtIceCreamCones5An ice cream cones border.
wdArtLightBulb121A light bulb border.
wdArtLightning153A lightning number 1 border.
wdArtLightning2119A lightning number 2 border.
wdArtMapleLeaf81A maple leaf border.
wdArtMapleMuffins2A maple muffins border.
wdArtMapPins30A map pins border.
wdArtMarquee146A marquee border.
wdArtMarqueeToothed131A marquee toothed border.
wdArtMoons125A moons border.
wdArtMosaic118A mosaic border.
wdArtMusicNotes79A music notes border.
wdArtNorthwest104A northwest border.
wdArtOvals126An ovals border.
wdArtPackages26A packages border.
wdArtPalmsBlack80A black palms border.
wdArtPalmsColor10A colored palms border.
wdArtPaperClips82A paper clips border.
wdArtPapyrus92A papyrus border.
wdArtPartyFavor13A party favor border.
wdArtPartyGlass7A party glass border.
wdArtPencils25A pencils border.
wdArtPeople84A people border.
wdArtPeopleHats23A people-wearing-hats border.
wdArtPeopleWaving85A people-waving border.
wdArtPoinsettias40A poinsettias border.
wdArtPostageStamp135A postage stamp border.
wdArtPumpkin165A pumpkin number 1 border.
wdArtPushPinNote163A pushpin note number 1 border.
wdArtPushPinNote264A pushpin note number 2 border.
wdArtPyramids113A pyramids border.
wdArtPyramidsAbove114An external pyramids border.
wdArtQuadrants60A quadrants border.
wdArtRings29A rings border.
wdArtSafari98A safari border.
wdArtSawtooth133A saw-tooth border.
wdArtSawtoothGray134A saw-tooth border using shades of gray.
wdArtScaredCat36A scared cat border.
wdArtSeattle78A Seattle border.
wdArtShadowedSquares57A shadowed squared border.
wdArtSharksTeeth132A shark-tooth border.
wdArtShorebirdTracks83A shorebird tracks border.
wdArtSkyrocket77A sky rocket border.
wdArtSnowflakeFancy76A fancy snowflake border.
wdArtSnowflakes75A snowflake border.
wdArtSombrero24A sombrero border.
wdArtSouthwest105A southwest border.
wdArtStars19A stars border.
wdArtStars3D17A 3-D stars border.
wdArtStarsBlack74A black stars border.
wdArtStarsShadowed18A shadowed stars border.
wdArtStarsTop157A stars-on-top border.
wdArtSun20A sun border.
wdArtSwirligig62A swirling border.
wdArtTornPaper161A torn-paper border.
wdArtTornPaperBlack162A black torn-paper border.
wdArtTrees9A trees border.
wdArtTriangleParty123A triangle party border.
wdArtTriangles129A triangles border.
wdArtTribal1130A tribal number 1 border.
wdArtTribal2109A tribal number 2 border.
wdArtTribal3108A tribal number 3 border.
wdArtTribal4107A tribal number 4 border.
wdArtTribal5110A tribal number 5 border.
wdArtTribal6106A tribal number 6 border.
wdArtTwistedLines158A twisted lines number 1 border.
wdArtTwistedLines2124A twisted lines number 2 border.
wdArtVine47A vine border.
wdArtWaveline59A wave-line border.
wdArtWeavingAngles96A weaving angle border.
wdArtWeavingBraid94A weaving braid border.
wdArtWeavingRibbon95A weaving ribbon border.
wdArtWeavingStrips136A weaving strips border.
wdArtWhiteFlowers46A white flower border.
wdArtWoodwork93A woodwork border.
wdArtXIllusions111An X illusion border.
wdArtZanyTriangles112A zany triangle border.
wdArtZigZag137A zigzag border.
wdArtZigZagStitch143A zigzag stitch border.