This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

WdOpenFormat Enumeration

Office 2007
Specifies the format to use when opening a document.

Version Information
 Version Added:  

wdOpenFormatAllWord6A Microsoft Office Word format that is backward compatible with earlier versions of Word.
wdOpenFormatAuto0The existing format.
wdOpenFormatDocument1Word format.
wdOpenFormatEncodedText5Encoded text format.
wdOpenFormatRTF3Rich text format (RTF).
wdOpenFormatTemplate2As a Word template.
wdOpenFormatText4Unencoded text format.
wdOpenFormatUnicodeText5Unicode text format.
wdOpenFormatWebPages7HTML format.
wdOpenFormatXML8XML format.
wdOpenFormatAllWordTemplates13Word template format.
wdOpenFormatDocument971Microsoft Word 97 document format.
wdOpenFormatTemplate972Word 97 template format.
wdOpenFormatXMLDocument9XML document format.
wdOpenFormatXMLDocumentMacroEnabled10XML document format with macros enabled.
wdOpenFormatXMLTemplate11XML template format.
wdOpenFormatXMLTemplateMacroEnabled12XML template format with macros enabled.