This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

WdDefaultFilePath Enumeration

Office 2007
Specifies a default folder for files related to Microsoft Word.
wdAutoRecoverPath5Path for Auto Recover files.
wdBorderArtPath19Border art path.
wdCurrentFolderPath14Current folder path.
wdDocumentsPath0Documents path.
wdGraphicsFiltersPath10Graphics filters path.
wdPicturesPath1Pictures path.
wdProgramPath9Program path.
wdProofingToolsPath12Proofing tools path.
wdStartupPath8Startup path.
wdStyleGalleryPath15Style Gallery path.
wdTempFilePath13Temp file path.
wdTextConvertersPath11Text converters path.
wdToolsPath6Tools path.
wdTutorialPath7Tutorial path.
wdUserOptionsPath4User Options path.
wdUserTemplatesPath2User templates path.
wdWorkgroupTemplatesPath3Workgroup templates path.


Used with the DefaultFilePath property of the Options object.