WdColor Enumeration
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WdColor Enumeration

Office 2007
Specifies the 24-bit color to apply.
wdColorAqua13421619Aqua color.
wdColorAutomatic-16777216Automatic color. Default; usually black.
wdColorBlack0Black color.
wdColorBlue16711680Blue color.
wdColorBlueGray10053222Blue-gray color.
wdColorBrightGreen65280Bright green color.
wdColorBrown13209Brown color.
wdColorDarkBlue8388608Dark blue color.
wdColorDarkGreen13056Dark green color.
wdColorDarkRed128Dark red color.
wdColorDarkTeal6697728Dark teal color.
wdColorDarkYellow32896Dark yellow color.
wdColorGold52479Gold color.
wdColorGray0515987699Shade 05 of gray color.
wdColorGray1015132390Shade 10 of gray color.
wdColorGray12514737632Shade 125 of gray color.
wdColorGray1514277081Shade 15 of gray color.
wdColorGray2013421772Shade 20 of gray color.
wdColorGray2512632256Shade 25 of gray color.
wdColorGray3011776947Shade 30 of gray color.
wdColorGray3510921638Shade 35 of gray color.
wdColorGray37510526880Shade 375 of gray color.
wdColorGray4010066329Shade 40 of gray color.
wdColorGray459211020Shade 45 of gray color.
wdColorGray508421504Shade 50 of gray color.
wdColorGray557566195Shade 55 of gray color.
wdColorGray606710886Shade 60 of gray color.
wdColorGray6256316128Shade 625 of gray color.
wdColorGray655855577Shade 65 of gray color.
wdColorGray705000268Shade 70 of gray color.
wdColorGray754210752Shade 75 of gray color.
wdColorGray803355443Shade 80 of gray color.
wdColorGray852500134Shade 85 of gray color.
wdColorGray8752105376Shade 875 of gray color.
wdColorGray901644825Shade 90 of gray color.
wdColorGray95789516Shade 95 of gray color.
wdColorGreen32768Green color.
wdColorIndigo10040115Indigo color.
wdColorLavender16751052Lavender color.
wdColorLightBlue16737843Light blue color.
wdColorLightGreen13434828Light green color.
wdColorLightOrange39423Light orange color.
wdColorLightTurquoise16777164Light turquoise color.
wdColorLightYellow10092543Light yellow color.
wdColorLime52377Lime color.
wdColorOliveGreen13107Olive green color.
wdColorOrange26367Orange color.
wdColorPaleBlue16764057Pale blue color.
wdColorPink16711935Pink color.
wdColorPlum6697881Plum color.
wdColorRed255Red color.
wdColorRose13408767Rose color.
wdColorSeaGreen6723891Sea green color.
wdColorSkyBlue16763904Sky blue color.
wdColorTan10079487Tan color.
wdColorTeal8421376Teal color.
wdColorTurquoise16776960Turquoise color.
wdColorViolet8388736Violet color.
wdColorWhite16777215White color.
wdColorYellow65535Yellow color.

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