IWMDMStorage Interface

An instance of the IWMDMStorage interface provides methods to examine and explore a storage (a generic name for a data or collection object, such as a file, folder, or playlist) on a device. Note that storages cannot be used to refer to objects on the computer, only on the device. IWMDMStorage can contain nested objects, and can represent the root object (the entire storage medium) or any child object, such as a folder or file, on that medium. The IWMDMStorage2 interface extends this interface by making it possible to get a storage pointer from a storage name and to get and set extended attributes. IWMDMStorage3 extends this interface by supporting metadata.

To obtain a root storage object which can be queried for all other objects on a device, you must call IWMDMDevice::EnumStorage, as described in Exploring a Device.

In addition to the methods inherited from IUnknown, the IWMDMStorage interface exposes the following methods.

EnumStorageRetrieves an IWMDMEnumStorage interface to enumerate the immediate child storages of the current storage.
GetAttributesRetrieves the attributes of the storage.
GetDateRetrieves the date on which the storage was most recently modified.
GetNameRetrieves the display name of the storage.
GetRightsRetrieves the rights information for a licensed storage.
GetSizeRetrieves the size of the storage, in bytes.
GetStorageGlobalsRetrieves the IWMDMStorageGlobals interface to provide access to global information about a storage medium.
SendOpaqueCommandSends a command to the storage through Windows Media Device Manager.
SetAttributesSets the attributes of the storage.

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