This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

filterDependency Attribute

Office 2007

Specifies automatic reapplication of a filter when filter fields change.



Parent Elements

editWithSpecifies an instance of an editing component, and provides the corresponding parameters to determine its exact behavior.


<xsd:attribute name="filterDependency" type="xsd:string" use="optional" ></xsd:attribute>


The filterDependency attribute in the form definition file (.xsf) is always present for filters that are specified on repeating tables and repeating sections created in the designer. Even though there is no way to toggle filterDependency on and off in design mode in InfoPath, you can turn off automatic refreshing of filters by removing the filterDependency attribute from the editWith element in the form definition file.

When the filterDependency attribute is present, the filter is reapplied when the onAfterChange event of a node is raised.


The following is an example of the filterDependency attribute as it is used in the editWith element:

<editWith component="xCollection" widgetIcon="filter|standard" useFilter="yes|no"
    filterDependency="xpath1 | xpath2 | xpath3>