This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

MailingLabel.PrintOutByID Method

Office 2007
Prints a label or a page of labels with the same address.


expression.PrintOutByID(LabelID, Address, ExtractAddress, LaserTray, SingleLabel, Row, Column, PrintEPostageLabel, Vertical)

expression   An expression that returns a MailingLabel object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
LabelIDOptionalVariantThe mailing label identification.
AddressOptionalVariantThe text for the label address.
ExtractAddressOptionalVariantTrue to use the text marked by the "EnvelopeAddress" bookmark (a user-defined bookmark) as the label text. If this argument is specified, Address and AutoText are ignored.
LaserTrayOptionalVariantThe laser printer tray to be used. Can be any WdPaperTray constant.
SingleLabelOptionalVariantTrue to print a single label; False to print an entire page of the same label.
RowOptionalVariantThe label row for a single label. Not valid if SingleLabel is False.
ColumnOptionalVariantThe label column for a single label. Not valid if SingleLabel is False.
PrintEPostageLabelOptionalVariantTrue to print postage using an Internet e-postage vendor.
VerticalOptionalVariantTrue prints text vertically on the label. Used for Asian-language mailing labels.