This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

MailingLabel.CreateNewDocumentByID Method

Office 2007
Creates a new label document using either the default label options or ones that you specify. Returns a Document object that represents the new document.


expression.CreateNewDocumentByID(LabelID, Address, AutoText, ExtractAddress, LaserTray, PrintEPostageLabel, Vertical)

expression   An expression that returns a MailingLabel object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
LabelIDOptionalVariantThe mailing label identification.
AddressOptionalVariantThe text for the mailing label.
AutoTextOptionalVariantThe name of the AutoText entry that includes the mailing label text.
ExtractAddressOptionalVariantTrue to use the address text marked by the user-defined bookmark named "EnvelopeAddress" instead of using the Address argument.
LaserTrayOptionalVariantThe laser printer tray. Can be one of the WdPaperTray constants.
PrintEPostageLabelOptionalVariantTrue to print postage using an Internet e-postage vendor.
VerticalOptionalVariantTrue formats text vertically on the label. Used for Asian-language mailing labels.

Return Value