What Is the WCF-NetTcp Adapter?


The WCF-NetTcp adapter provides connected cross-computer or cross-process communication in an environment in which both services and clients are WCF based. It provides full access to SOAP security, reliability, and transaction features. This adapter uses the TCP transport, and messages have binary encoding.

The following table summarizes the characteristics of the WCF-NetTcp adapter.

Interoperability level.NET-Profile
Message encodingBinary
BoundaryCross-computer or cross-process
Transport protocolTCP
Security modeNone, Message, Transport, and TransportWithMessageCredential.
Client authentication mechanismTransport Security and Message Security
Support for WS-ReliableMessagingNo
Support for WS-AtomicTransactionYes
Support for one-way messagingYes
Support for two-way messagingYes
Host type for receive adapterIn-process
Host type for send adapterIn-process

The WCF-NetTcp adapter consists of two adapters—a receive adapter and a send adapter.

WCF-NetTcp Receive Adapter

You use the WCF-NetTcp receive adapter to receive WCF service requests through the TCP protocol. A receive location that uses the WCF-NetTcp receive adapter can be configured as one-way or request-response (two-way).

WCF-NetTcp Send Adapter

You use the WCF-NetTcp send adapter to call a WCF service through the typeless contract by using the TCP protocol.

For more information about WCF receive and send adapters, see What Are the WCF Adapters?.

Configuring the WCF-NetTcp Adapter
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