WorkbookAfterXmlExport Event
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Application.WorkbookAfterXmlExport Event

Office 2007
Occurs after Microsoft Excel saves or exports XML data from the specified workbook.


expression.WorkbookAfterXmlExport(Wb, Map, Url, Result)

expression   A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
WbRequiredWorkbookThe target workbook.
MapRequiredXmlMapThe XML map that was used to save or export data.
UrlRequiredStringThe location of the XML file that was exported.
ResultRequiredXlXmlExportResult Indicates the results of the save or export operation.

Return Value


XlXmlExportResult can be one of the following XlXmlExportResult constants
xlXmlExportSuccess . The XML data file was successfully exported.
xlXmlExportValidationFailed. The contents of the XML data file do not match the specified schema map.

Use the AfterXmlExport event if you want to perform an operation after XML data has been exported from a particular workbook.


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