Could not find installable ISAM. (Error 3170)

The DLL for an installable ISAM file could not be found. This file is required for linking external tables (other than ODBC or Microsoft Access database engine tables). The locations for all ISAM drivers are maintained in the Microsoft Windows Registry. These entries are created automatically when you install your application. If you change the location of these drivers, you need to correct your application Setup program to reflect this change and make the correct entries in the Registry.

Possible causes:

  • An entry in the Registry is not valid. For example, this error occurs if you are using a Paradox external database, and the Paradox entry points to a nonexistent directory or driver. Exit the application, correct the Windows Registry, and try the operation again.
  • One of the entries in the Registry points to a network drive and that network is not connected. Make sure the network is available, and then try the operation again.

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