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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

QueryTable.TextFilePromptOnRefresh Property

Office 2007
True if you want to specify the name of the imported text file each time the query table is refreshed. The Import Text File dialog box allows you to specify the path and file name. The default value is False. Read/write Boolean.



expression   A variable that represents a QueryTable object.


Use this property only when your query table is based on data from a text file (with the QueryType property set to xlTextImport).

If the value of this property is True, the dialog box doesn’t appear the first time a query table is refreshed.

The default value is True in the user interface.

If you import data using the user interface, data from a Web query or a text query is imported as a QueryTable object, while all other external data is imported as a ListObject object.

If you import data using the object model, data from a Web query or a text query must be imported as a QueryTable, while all other external data can be imported as either a ListObject or a QueryTable.

The TextFilePromptOnRefresh property applies only to QueryTable objects.


This example prompts the user for the name of the text file whenever the query table on the first worksheet in the first workbook is refreshed.

Visual Basic for Applications
Set shFirstQtr = Workbooks(1).Worksheets(1) 
Set qtQtrResults = shFirstQtr.QueryTables _
    .Add(Connection := "TEXT;C:\My Documents\19980331.txt", _
        Destination := shFirstQtr.Cells(1,1))
With qtQtrResults
    .TextFileParseType = xlDelimited
    .TextFilePromptOnRefresh = True
    .TextFileTabDelimiter = True
End With

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