How to Add and Configure a CSS Server

Commerce Server 2007
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This topic describes how to add servers to the Commerce Server Staging (CSS) Microsoft Management Console (MMC). When you open the CSS MMC, the local server is always present in the left pane of the CSS MMC. By adding other CSS servers to MMC, you can remotely manage the staging projects and configuration for these servers.

Staging tasks available from the CSS MMC for local and remote management of CSS servers are as follows:

  • Add, configure, and manage projects and routes.

  • Start, stop, apply, and rollback replication projects.

  • Start, stop, pause, and continue the CSS service.

  • Configure how and when e-mail notifications should be sent and what events should be logged.

  • Enable and configure rollback.

  • View reports generated for each server.

For information about the types of events that can be selected for e-mail notification or logging, see Event Codes for Staging.

Before you add and configure a CSS server, you should have installed Commerce Server Staging on the server and configured it according to the instructions that were provided in the deployment guide section of the help. See Configuring the Staging Server.


From MMC, you can only connect to remote servers by using accounts that are recognized on the remote server and that have been assigned the required CSS permissions. You cannot define CSS staging authentication accounts (default/project/destination level authentication) for the remote server from MMC. To define these accounts, you must log on to the remote server and define the accounts locally.

Follow these steps to add a remote CSS server to the CSS MMC and configure it.

Bb219156.alert_caution(en-US,CS.70).gifImportant Note:

You must have CSS Administrator rights on the CSS server that you want to modify from the CSS MMC.

To Add and Configure a CSS Server

  1. Add the remote server to the CSS MMC. For information about how to add host servers, see How to Add Servers to the Staging Console.

  2. (Optional) Configure the e-mail settings for the CSS service that is running on the CSS server. For information about how to configure e-mail settings, see How to Configure E-mail Settings for a CSS Server.

  3. (Optional) Configure the events to be logged either locally or to the Windows NT event log for the CSS service that is running on the CSS server. For information about how to configure the logging of events, see the following topics:

  4. (Optional) For endpoint servers, enable rollback and set the number of rollbacks to keep for replicating Web content. Transaction processing with rollback is only supported for Web content. For information about how to configure rollback, see the following topics: