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ShapeRange.ScaleHeight Method

Office 2007
Scales the height of a range of shapes by a specified factor.


expression.ScaleHeight(Factor, RelativeToOriginalSize, Scale)

expression   Required. A variable that represents a ShapeRange object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
FactorRequiredSingleSpecifies the ratio between the height of the shape after you resize it and the current or original height. For example, to make a rectangle 50 percent larger, specify 1.5 for this argument.
RelativeToOriginalSizeRequiredMsoTriStateTrue to scale the shape relative to its original size. False to scale it relative to its current size. You can specify True for this argument only if the specified shape is a picture or an OLE object.
ScaleOptionalMsoScaleFromThe part of the shape that retains its position when the shape is scaled.


For pictures and OLE objects, you can indicate whether you want to scale the shape relative to the original size or relative to the current size. Shapes other than pictures and OLE objects are always scaled relative to their current height.

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