This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

WdKey Enumeration

Office 2007
Specifies a keyboard character. Although uppercase and lowercase characters are designated by using different values in a character encoding map, they share a single constant in this enumeration.
wdKey048The 0 key.
wdKey149The 1 key.
wdKey250The 2 key.
wdKey351The 3 key.
wdKey452The 4 key.
wdKey553The 5 key.
wdKey654The 6 key.
wdKey755The 7 key.
wdKey856The 8 key.
wdKey957The 9 key.
wdKeyA65The A key.
wdKeyAlt1024The ALT key.
wdKeyB66The B key.
wdKeyBackSingleQuote192The ` key.
wdKeyBackSlash220The \ key.
wdKeyBackspace8The BACKSPACE key.
wdKeyC67The C key.
wdKeyCloseSquareBrace221The ] key.
wdKeyComma188The , key.
wdKeyCommand512The Windows command key or Macintosh COMMAND key.
wdKeyControl512The CTRL key.
wdKeyD68The D key.
wdKeyDelete46The DELETE key.
wdKeyE69The E key.
wdKeyEnd35The END key.
wdKeyEquals187The = key.
wdKeyEsc27The ESC key.
wdKeyF70The F key.
wdKeyF1112The F1 key.
wdKeyF10121The F10 key.
wdKeyF11122The F11 key.
wdKeyF12123The F12 key.
wdKeyF13124The F13 key.
wdKeyF14125The F14 key.
wdKeyF15126The F15 key.
wdKeyF16127The F16 key.
wdKeyF2113The F2 key.
wdKeyF3114The F3 key.
wdKeyF4115The F4 key.
wdKeyF5116The F5 key.
wdKeyF6117The F6 key.
wdKeyF7118The F7 key.
wdKeyF8119The F8 key.
wdKeyF9120The F9 key.
wdKeyG71The G key.
wdKeyH72The H key.
wdKeyHome36The HOME key.
wdKeyHyphen189The - key.
wdKeyI73The I key.
wdKeyInsert45The INSERT key.
wdKeyJ74The J key.
wdKeyK75The K key.
wdKeyL76The L key.
wdKeyM77The M key.
wdKeyN78The N key.
wdKeyNumeric096The 0 key.
wdKeyNumeric197The 1 key.
wdKeyNumeric298The 2 key.
wdKeyNumeric399The 3 key.
wdKeyNumeric4100The 4 key.
wdKeyNumeric5101The 5 key.
wdKeyNumeric6102The 6 key.
wdKeyNumeric7103The 7 key.
wdKeyNumeric8104The 8 key.
wdKeyNumeric9105The 9 key.
wdKeyNumericAdd107The + key on the numeric keypad.
wdKeyNumericDecimal110The . key on the numeric keypad.
wdKeyNumericDivide111The / key on the numeric keypad.
wdKeyNumericMultiply106The * key on the numeric keypad.
wdKeyNumericSubtract109The - key on the numeric keypad.
wdKeyO79The O key.
wdKeyOpenSquareBrace219The [ key.
wdKeyOption1024The mouse option key or Macintosh OPTION key.
wdKeyP80The P key.
wdKeyPageDown34The PAGE DOWN key.
wdKeyPageUp33The PAGE UP key.
wdKeyPause19The PAUSE key.
wdKeyPeriod190The . key.
wdKeyQ81The Q key.
wdKeyR82The R key.
wdKeyReturn13The ENTER or RETURN key.
wdKeyS83The S key.
wdKeyScrollLock145The SCROLL LOCK key.
wdKeySemiColon186The ; key.
wdKeyShift256The SHIFT key.
wdKeySingleQuote222The ' key.
wdKeySlash191The / key.
wdKeySpacebar32The SPACEBAR key.
wdKeyT84The T key.
wdKeyTab9The TAB key.
wdKeyU85The U key.
wdKeyV86The V key.
wdKeyW87The W key.
wdKeyX88The X key.
wdKeyY89The Y key.
wdKeyZ90The Z key.
wdNoKey255No key.