This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

WdInternationalIndex Enumeration

Office 2007
Specifies information specific to the current country/region and international settings.
wd24HourClock21Returns True if you are using 24-hour time; returns False if you are using 12-hour time.
wdCurrencyCode20Returns the currency symbol ($ in U.S. English).
wdDateSeparator25Returns the date separator (/ in U.S. English).
wdDecimalSeparator18Returns the decimal separator (. in U.S. English).
wdInternationalAM22Returns the string used to indicate morning hours (for example, 10 A.M).
wdInternationalPM23Returns the string used to indicate afternoon and evening hours (for example, 2 P.M).
wdListSeparator17Returns the list separator (, in U.S. English).
wdProductLanguageID26Returns the language version of Word.
wdThousandsSeparator19Returns the thousands separator (, in U.S. English).
wdTimeSeparator24Returns the time separator (: in U.S. English).