WdInlineShapeType Enumeration
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WdInlineShapeType Enumeration

Office 2007
Specifies a shape type for inline shapes.

Version Information
 Version Added:  

wdInlineShapeChart12Inline chart.
wdInlineShapeDiagram13Inline diagram.
wdInlineShapeEmbeddedOLEObject1Embedded OLE object.
wdInlineShapeHorizontalLine6Horizontal line.
wdInlineShapeLinkedOLEObject2Linked OLE object.
wdInlineShapeLinkedPicture4Linked picture.
wdInlineShapeLinkedPictureHorizontalLine8Linked picture with horizontal line.
wdInlineShapeLockedCanvas14Locked inline shape canvas.
wdInlineShapeOLEControlObject5OLE control object.
wdInlineShapeOWSAnchor11OWS anchor.
wdInlineShapePictureBullet9Picture used as a bullet.
wdInlineShapePictureHorizontalLine7Picture with horizontal line.
wdInlineShapeScriptAnchor10Script anchor. Refers to anchor location for block of script stored with a document.


An inline shape is an object in the text layer of a document. An inline shape can only be a picture, an OLE object, or a Microsoft ActiveX control.

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