This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Replica Object (JRO)

Office 2007

Represents a copy of a replicated database.


With the collections, methods, and properties of a Replica object, you can do the following:

  • Access the filters for a replica with the Filters collection.
  • Create a new replica with the CreateReplica method.
  • Determine whether an object is local or replicated with the GetObjectReplicability and SetObjectReplicability methods.
  • Make a database replicable with the MakeReplicable method.
  • Populate a partial replica with the PopulatePartial method.
  • Synchronize two replicas with the Synchronize method.
  • Specify the ADO Connection object or the valid connection string to which the replica is connected with the ActiveConnection property.
  • Specify custom conflict resolution code with the ConflictFunction property.
  • Return a Recordset containing table conflicts that occurred during synchronization with the ConflictTables property.
  • Specify the unique identifier of the design master in a replica set with the DesignMasterId property.
  • Determine the relative priority of the replica for use during conflict resolution with the Priority property.
  • Specify how long to keep replication histories with the RetentionPeriod property.
  • Return the unique identifier of the replica with the ReplicaId property.
  • Determine if the replica is a full, partial, or design master with the ReplicaType property.
  • Determine if the replica is a global, local, or anonymous replica with the Visibility property.