This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Jet and Replication Object Summary

Office 2007
FilterSpecifies criteria that limit the recordset of a replicated database.
JetEngineProvides control over Microsoft Access database engine-specific features such as compacting databases and refreshing data from the cache.
ReplicaRepresents a copy of a replicated database.

The Jet and Replication objects consist of three objects: the Filter, the Replica, and the JetEngine. Filter objects can be contained in the Filters collection of a Replica.

Filter Objects

You can create partial replicas by specifying criteria for a Filter object. With filter criteria, you can select specific data to be replicated. For example, you can choose to replicate only those records from a Customer table from a specific region.

JetEngine Objects

Use JetEngine objects to compact databases and refresh data with pending changes from the cache. Compact databases to save space and to specify options for the new database copy such as encrypting the data, changing the database engine version, or setting the collating order by locale. Refresh data from the cache to force all pending database operations to be processed. This keeps data in a recordset current even in an environment with many users and a high level of data processing.

Replica Objects

Use Replica objects to create and maintain replicated databases. With replicas, you identify a design master, create new replicas, obtain information about the replicability of the objects in a database, and synchronize the changes between two replicas.

For more information about the properties and methods of a specific Jet and Replication object, see the specific reference topic for that object.