This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Dialog Object

Office 2007
Represents a built-in dialog box. The Dialog object is a member of the Dialogs collection. The Dialogs collection contains all the built-in dialog boxes in Word. You cannot create a new built-in dialog box or add one to the Dialogs collection.


Use Dialogs(Index), where Index is a WdWordDialog constant that identifies the dialog box, to return a single Dialog object. The following example displays and carries out the actions taken in the built-in Open dialog box.

Visual Basic for Applications
dlgAnswer = Dialogs(wdDialogFileOpen).Show

The WdWordDialog constants are formed from the prefix "wdDialog" followed by the name of the menu and the dialog box. For example, the constant for the Page Setup dialog box is wdDialogFilePageSetup, and the constant for the New dialog box is wdDialogFileNew.

For more information about working with built-in Word dialog boxes, see Displaying built-in Word dialog boxes.