Application Object

Represents the application.


The Application object includes properties and methods that return top-level objects. For example, the ActiveDocument property returns a document object that references the Office SharePoint Designer object model that is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and later.

Use the Application property to return the Application object. You can use the Application property from any of the objects in SharePoint Designer. The following example accesses the Application object and then displays the Open dialog box.

Visual Basic for Applications

Many of the properties and methods that return the most common user-interface objects, such as the ActiveDocument property, can be used without the Application object qualifier. For example, instead of writing Application.ActiveDocument.Title, you can write ActiveDocument.Title. Properties and methods that can be used without the Application object qualifier are considered "global." To view global properties and methods in the Object Browser, click <globals> at the top of the list in the Classes box of the Object Browser.

To use Automation to control Office SharePoint Designer from another application, use the CreateObject or GetObject function to return an Application object. The following Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) example starts Office SharePoint Designer, opens an existing Web site, and closes the Web site.

Visual Basic for Applications
Private Sub StartDesigner()
    Dim myNewDApp As Variant

    Set myNewDApp = CreateObject("Application")
    myNewDApp.Webs.Open ("C:\MyWebs\Adventure Works")
    myNewDApp.Webs.Close ("C:\MyWebs\Adventure Works")
    Set myNewDApp = Nothing
End Sub

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