Understanding Web Windows and Page Windows

In Microsoft Internet Explorer, the window object is the root of the object hierarchy. In Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer, the Application object is the root of the object hierarchy, and the WebWindow object is an object in the third tier of the object hierarchy belonging to the collection of WebWindows (second tier). The DesignerDocument property is accessed via the PageWindow object (belonging to the collection of PageWindows), whose parent is the WebWindow object.

What is the WebWindow object?

The WebWindow object is the window container for the Web site. When you open a Web site in Office SharePoint Designer, you see the Web site in its "web" window. Office SharePoint Designer opens a new window for each Web site you open.

What is the PageWindow object?

The PageWindow object is the container for the Web page. When you open a page in a web window, that page is contained in a page window (visible in the right pane). Office SharePoint Designer opens a new page window for each page you open; however, each PageWindow object is contained within the WebWindow object for the individual Web site. Each page that you have open is visible on the Windows menu in Office SharePoint Designer.

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