D3D10_EFFECT Constants

These constants used when creating an effect to define either compilation behavior or runtime effect behavior.

D3D10_EFFECT_COMPILE_CHILD_EFFECT1 << 0Compile the .fx file to a child effect. Child effects have no initializes for any shared values because these are initialized in the effect pool.
D3D10_EFFECT_COMPILE_ALLOW_SLOW_OPS1 << 1By default, performance mode is enabled. Performance mode disallows mutable state objects by preventing non-literal expressions from appearing in state object definitions. Specifying this flag will disable the mode and allow for mutable state objects.
D3D10_EFFECT_SINGLE_THREADED1 << 3Do not attempt to synchronize with other threads loading effects into the same pool.


These constants are defined as macros in d3d10effect.h.

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