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XNA Framework Class Library Reference

XNA Framework Class Library

The XNA Framework class library is a library of classes, interfaces, and value types that are included in XNA Game Studio Express. This library provides access to XNA Framework functionality and is designed to be the foundation on which XNA Game Studio Express applications, components, and controls are built.

Provides commonly needed game classes such as timers and game loops.
Contains low-level application programming interface (API) methods that can load and manipulate XACT-created project and content files to play audio.
Contains the run-time components of the Content Pipeline.
Provides a unified way of converting types of values to other types.
Contains low-level application programming interface (API) methods that take advantage of hardware acceleration capabilities to display 3D objects.
Represents data types with components that are not multiples of 8 bits.
Contains classes to receive input from keyboard, mouse, and Xbox 360 Controller devices.
Contains classes that allow reading and writing of files.
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