Developing Xbox 360 Games

Describes how to develop games for the Xbox 360. Although there are several notable differences, Xbox 360 game development is similar to Windows game development.

This section discusses developing Xbox 360 game titles by using the XNA Game Studio development environment.

In This Section

Creating an Xbox 360 Game or Library Project
Describes how XNA Game Studio includes a set of project templates that will help you to develop game projects for Xbox 360 using the XNA Framework.
Deploying an Xbox 360 Game
Describes how XNA Game Studio can copy executable and media files to the Xbox 360 retail console once you are ready to deploy them.
Debugging an Xbox 360 Game
Discusses issues that apply to debugging Xbox 360 games on your retail console.
Using XNA Game Studio Device Center
Describes how to use the XNA Game Studio Device Center.
Connecting to Your Xbox 360 Console with XNA Game Studio 4.0
Describes how to use XNA Game Studio Connect to connect and deploy a game to your Xbox 360 console.
Troubleshooting Xbox 360 Game Deployment
Provides some helpful troubleshooting tips for Xbox 360 deployment if you are unable to establish a successful connection between your computer and your Xbox 360 console.
Xbox 360 Programming
Provides detailed information about the capabilities of the Xbox 360 hardware, and issues to consider when programming games for the Xbox 360 platform.

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