Going Beyond: XNA Game Studio in 3D

This multipart tutorial takes you through the first steps of creating your own 3D game using XNA Game Studio.

In XNA Game Studio, it is easier than ever to create games for Windows and for Xbox 360. This tutorial highlights how to load 2D and 3D resources into your game using the XNA Framework Content Pipeline; how to take user input from an Xbox 360 Controller; and how to use the Microsoft Cross-Platform Audio Creation Tool (XACT) to create audio for your game. Each step of the way, you'll have something to see or hear so you will know you are making progress.

The code displayed in each section will work on both Xbox 360 and Windows, but not on Zune. Zune devices do not support 3D graphics, and XACT is not available on Zune. To set up your Xbox 360 console to work with XNA Game Studio, see Connecting to Your Xbox 360 Console with XNA Game Studio 3.0.

In This Section

Tutorial 1: Displaying a 3D Model on the Screen
This article details how to use the XNA Framework Content Pipeline to load a 3D model and its associated textures, and it presents the code necessary to display the model on the screen.
Tutorial 2: Making Your Model Move Using Input
This article details how to use the XNA Framework Input API to take user input from an Xbox 360 Controller and apply it to the model displayed in Tutorial 1.
Tutorial 3: Making Sounds with XNA Game Studio
Details how to use the XNA Framework Audio API to play them.
Tutorial 4: Make a Game in 60 Minutes
This tutorial helps you learn about the process of game construction, while guiding you through writing a relatively complete game.
Tutorial 5: Adding Multiplayer and Networking Support to the Game
This tutorial adds two-player competitive game play to the game completed in Tutorial 4.

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