Getting Started with XNA Game Studio Development

XNA Game Studio is an integrated development environment designed to make it easier to develop games for Windows Phone. XNA Game Studio extends Microsoft Visual Studio with support for the XNA Framework and tools. The XNA Framework is a managed-code class library that contains features targeted specifically at game development. In addition, XNA Game Studio includes tools for adding graphic and audio content to your game.

The XNA Framework is designed to follow .NET Framework design patterns and idioms. With XNA Game Studio, you can use the capabilities of both the XNA Framework and the more general .NET Framework for game development.

This section provides introductory information about developing games with XNA Game Studio.

In This Section

Your First Game - XNA Game Studio in 2D
Describes the steps necessary to create a simple sprite-based game by using Windows Phone SDK 8.0 Extensions for XNA Game Studio 4.0.
Creating a Windows Phone Game or Library Project
Describes how to use the C# project templates included with XNA Game Studio to begin developing games for Windows Phone using the XNA Framework.
Changing the Name of your Game
Describes how to change the name of the game that is displayed on the Windows Phone.
Deploying a Windows Phone Game
Introduces deployment of Windows Phone applications, including games developed using Windows Phone SDK 8.0 Extensions for XNA Game Studio 4.0, to either the Windows Phone Emulator or to a physical Windows Phone device.
Debugging a Windows Phone Game
Discusses issues regarding the debugging of Windows Phone games.
Using the Windows Phone Emulator
Describes how the Windows Phone Emulator can be used with XNA Game Studio.
Sharing Your Windows Phone Game with Others
Describes how to share early versions of your Windows Phone game with other game developers, either with or without source code, to get feedback or other assistance.
Exploring Windows Phone Programming
Provides links to a variety of other topics that provide important information about programming games for Windows Phone.
Troubleshooting XNA Game Studio Projects
Provides some helpful troubleshooting tips for XNA Game Studio projects.
Developing XNA Framework games in Visual Basic
Provides introductory information about developing games in Visual Basic with XNA Game Studio.
XNA Game Studio Project Version Support

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