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Describes the documentation for XNA Game Studio.

The XNA Game Studio documentation is divided into the following major sections:

  • Getting Started with XNA Game Studio: This section describes how to set up and use XNA Game Studio with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework. It includes information about setting up your Xbox 360 or Zune device to work with Game Studio.

    This section links to many topics in the Using XNA Game Studio, Programming Guide, and Reference sections.

  • Using XNA Game Studio: This section provides greater detail about working with the Visual Studio Tools and IDE, including how to set up projects for specific platforms, how to work with cross-platform titles, and how to share and distribute your game.
  • Programming Guide: This section provides detail about game programming with Game Studio. It describes how to use the XNA Framework classes to implement different features of your game. It is divided into sections based on the feature type, such as graphics, audio, networking, and LIVE programming.
  • Reference: The reference section provides even greater detail about the XNA Framework. It is divided into two sub-sections, the XNA Framework Class Library and Content Pipeline Class Library.

The XNA Game Studio documentation builds upon the existing documentation provided with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and the Microsoft .NET Framework. It links to these sets of documentation, where appropriate. You should have access to both of these sets of documentation.

The following diagram shows the relationship between these sections of the documentation, the Visual Studio 2008 documentation, and Microsoft .NET Framework:


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