GPS Intermediate Driver Migration

Windows Mobile 6.5
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The GPS Intermediate Driver is designed to replace the current model of GPS hardware interaction, where an application interacts directly with GPS hardware. This topic briefly discusses migrating from directly accessing GPS hardware to using the GPS Intermediate Driver.

The GPS Intermediate Driver is designed so that it supports being used from existing applications without change. That is, existing applications that expect to interact with GPS hardware directly should be able to use the GPS Intermediate Driver without any code changes.

The only necessary step to enable this backward-compatible access is to use the registry to configure the application to access the GPS Intermediate Driver, and to configure the GPS Intermediate Driver to access the GPS hardware.

For example, if an existing application uses GPS hardware by connecting to a device using a COM port, you should configure the GPS Intermediate Driver so that it connects to the GPS hardware using the same COM port - in effect, this step puts the GPS Intermediate Driver in the same architectural location as the application was in the past. For the specific registry settings that specify how the GPS Intermediate Driver connects to GPS hardware, see GPS Intermediate Driver GPS Hardware Registry Settings. The other required step is to specify the connection information your application must use to connect to the GPS Intermediate Driver. You can set this using the GPS Intermediate Driver multiplexer registry settings. These settings are described in detail in GPS Intermediate Driver Multiplexer Registry Settings.

For in-depth information about configuring the GPS Intermediate Driver, see Configuring the GPS Intermediate Driver and GPS Intermediate Driver Registry Settings.

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