Writing Game Code

This section describes how to use XNA Game Studio and the XNA Framework to develop multiplatform games for Windows, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone.

In This Section

Initializing, Updating, and Exiting a Game
The XNA Framework Game Class provides a game loop and overloadable methods to update and draw the game.
Displaying Graphics
Describes using XNA graphics for rendering 2D and 3D graphics.
Responding to User Input
Demonstrates techniques for accessing various input devices and responding to user input.
Creating and Playing Sounds
Provides overviews about audio technology, and presents predefined scenarios to demonstrate how to use audio.
Displaying Pictures and Playing Video
Provides overviews about how to use the Media API to retrieve system media, including pictures, songs, and video.
Reading and Writing Data Files
Provides classes that allow reading and writing of files.
Adding Xbox LIVE Features to Your Game
Contains introductory articles describing how to add Xbox LIVE to your game with XNA Gamer Services.
Adding Xbox LIVE Multiplayer Support on Xbox 360 and Windows
Contains introductory articles describing how to create and join multiplayer game sessions, to manage game state across clients, and to interact with the friends list on Xbox 360 and Windows.

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