Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.Pipeline Namespace

This namespace is available only when developing for Windows.
Provides classes representing base types and building block functionality for use by more specialized object models, such as the Graphics DOM.

Public ClassChildCollectionProvides a collection of child objects for a content item.
Public ClassContentBuildLoggerProvides methods for reporting informational messages or warnings from content importers and processors.
Public ClassContentIdentityProvides properties describing the origin of the game asset, such as the original source file and creation tool. This information is used for error reporting, and by processors that need to determine from what directory the asset was originally loaded.
Public ClassContentImporterImplements a file format importer for use with game assets.
Public ClassContentImporterAttributeProvides properties that identify and provide metadata about the importer, such as supported file extensions and caching information.
Public ClassContentImporterContextProvides properties that define logging behavior for the importer.
Public ClassContentItemProvides properties that define various aspects of content stored using the intermediate file format of the XNA Framework.
Public ClassContentProcessorProvides a base class to use when developing custom processor components. All processors must derive from this class.
Public ClassContentProcessorAttributeGets any existing content processor components.
Public ClassContentProcessorContextProvides access to custom processor parameters, methods for converting member data, and triggering nested builds.
Public ClassExternalReferenceSpecifies external references to a data file for the content item.
Public ClassFontDescriptionImporterProvides methods for reading .spritefont files for use in the Content Pipeline.
Public ClassInvalidContentExceptionThrown when errors are encountered in content during processing.
Public ClassNamedValueDictionaryBase class for dictionaries that map string identifiers to data values.
Public ClassOpaqueDataDictionaryProvides properties that define opaque data for a game asset.
Public ClassPipelineComponentScannerImplements a scanner object containing the available importers and processors for an application.
Public ClassPipelineExceptionThrown when errors are encountered during a content pipeline build.
Public ClassProcessorParameterRepresents a processor parameter.
Public ClassProcessorParameterCollectionRepresents a collection of processor parameters, usually for a single processor.
Public ClassXmlImporterImplements an importer for reading intermediate XML files.

Public InterfaceIContentImporterAccesses a statically typed ContentImporter instance from generic code using dynamic typing.
Public InterfaceIContentProcessorProvides methods and properties for accessing a statically typed ContentProcessor subclass, using dynamically typed object data.