Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics Namespace

Contains low-level application programming interface (API) methods that take advantage of hardware acceleration capabilities to display 3D objects.

Public ClassAlphaTestEffectContains a configurable effect that supports alpha testing.
Public ClassBasicEffectContains a basic rendering effect.
Public ClassBlendStateContains blend state for the device.
Public ClassDepthStencilStateContains depth-stencil state for the device.
Public ClassDeviceLostExceptionThe exception that is thrown when the device has been lost, but cannot be reset at this time. Therefore, rendering is not possible.
Public ClassDeviceNotResetExceptionThe exception that is thrown when the device has been lost, but can be reset at this time.
Public ClassDirectionalLightCreates a DirectionalLight object.
Public ClassDisplayModeDescribes the display mode.
Public ClassDisplayModeCollectionManipulates a collection of DisplayMode structures.
Public ClassDualTextureEffectContains a configurable effect that supports two-layer multitexturing.
Public ClassDynamicIndexBufferDescribes the rendering order of the vertices in a vertex buffer.
Public ClassDynamicVertexBufferRepresents a list of 3D vertices to be streamed to the graphics device.
Public ClassEffectUsed to set and query effects, and to choose techniques.
Public ClassEffectAnnotationRepresents an annotation to an EffectParameter.
Public ClassEffectAnnotationCollectionManipulates a collection of EffectAnnotation objects.
Public ClassEffectMaterial Contains an effect subclass which is used to load data for an EffectMaterialContent type.
Public ClassEffectParameterRepresents an Effect parameter.
Public ClassEffectParameterCollectionManipulates a collection of EffectParameter objects.
Public ClassEffectPassContains rendering state for drawing with an effect; an effect can contain one or more passes.
Public ClassEffectPassCollectionManipulates a collection of EffectPass objects.
Public ClassEffectTechniqueRepresents an effect technique.
Public ClassEffectTechniqueCollectionManipulates a collection of EffectTechnique objects.
Public ClassEnvironmentMapEffectContains a configurable effect that supports environment mapping.
Public ClassGraphicsAdapterProvides methods to retrieve and manipulate graphics adapters.
Public ClassGraphicsDevicePerforms primitive-based rendering, creates resources, handles system-level variables, adjusts gamma ramp levels, and creates shaders.
Public ClassGraphicsDeviceExtensionsAn extension of the GraphicsDevice class that enables primitive based rendering for an application that renders using both Silverlight and XNA.
Public ClassGraphicsResourceQueries and prepares resources.
Public ClassIndexBufferDescribes the rendering order of the vertices in a vertex buffer.
Public ClassModelRepresents a 3D model composed of multiple ModelMesh objects which may be moved independently.
Public ClassModelBoneRepresents bone data for a model.
Public ClassModelBoneCollectionRepresents a set of bones associated with a model.
Public ClassModelEffectCollectionRepresents a collection of effects associated with a model.
Public ClassModelMeshRepresents a mesh that is part of a Model.
Public ClassModelMeshCollectionRepresents a collection of ModelMesh objects.
Public ClassModelMeshPart Represents a batch of geometry information to submit to the graphics device during rendering. Each ModelMeshPart is a subdivision of a ModelMesh object. The ModelMesh class is split into multiple ModelMeshPart objects, typically based on material information.
Public ClassModelMeshPartCollectionRepresents a collection of ModelMeshPart objects.
Public ClassNoSuitableGraphicsDeviceExceptionThrown when no available graphics device fits the given device preferences.
Public ClassOcclusionQueryUsed to perform an occlusion query against the latest drawn objects.
Public ClassPresentationParametersContains presentation parameters.
Public ClassRasterizerStateContains rasterizer state, which determines how to convert vector data (shapes) into raster data (pixels).
Public ClassRenderTarget2DContains a 2D texture that can be used as a render target.
Public ClassRenderTargetCubeRepresents a cubic texture resource that will be written to at the end of a render pass.
Public ClassResourceCreatedEventArgsContains event data.
Public ClassResourceDestroyedEventArgsArguments for a ResourceDestroyed event.
Public ClassSamplerStateContains sampler state, which determines how to sample texture data.
Public ClassSamplerStateCollectionCollection of SamplerState objects.
Public ClassSkinnedEffectContains a configurable effect for rendering skinned character models.
Public ClassSpriteBatchEnables a group of sprites to be drawn using the same settings.
Public ClassSpriteFontRepresents a font texture.
Public ClassTextureRepresents a texture resource.
Public ClassTexture2DRepresents a 2D grid of texels.
Public ClassTexture3DRepresents a 3D volume of texels.
Public ClassTextureCollectionRepresents a collection of Texture objects.
Public ClassTextureCubeRepresents a set of six 2D textures, one for each face of a cube.
Public ClassUIElementRendererAn object for rendering a Silverlight UIElement into a texture.
Public ClassVertexBufferRepresents a list of 3D vertices to be streamed to the graphics device.
Public ClassVertexDeclarationA vertex declaration, which defines per-vertex data.

Public InterfaceIEffectFogGets or sets fog parameters for the current effect.
Public InterfaceIEffectLightsGets or sets lighting parameters for the current effect.
Public InterfaceIEffectMatricesGets or sets transformation matrix parameters for the current effect.
Public InterfaceIGraphicsDeviceService Defines a mechanism for retrieving GraphicsDevice objects.
Public InterfaceIVertexType Vertex type interface which is implemented by a custom vertex type structure.

Public StructureModelBoneCollection.EnumeratorProvides the ability to iterate through the bones in an ModelBoneCollection.
Public StructureModelEffectCollection.Enumerator Provides the ability to iterate through the bones in an ModelEffectCollection.
Public StructureModelMeshCollection.Enumerator Provides the ability to iterate through the bones in an ModelMeshCollection.
Public StructureModelMeshPartCollection.Enumerator Provides the ability to iterate through the bones in an ModelMeshPartCollection.
Public StructureRenderTargetBindingBinds an array of render targets.
Public StructureVertexBufferBinding Binding structure that specifies a vertex buffer and other per-vertex parameters (such as offset and instancing) for a graphics device.
Public StructureVertexElementDefines input vertex data to the pipeline.
Public StructureVertexPositionColorDescribes a custom vertex format structure that contains position and color information.
Public StructureVertexPositionColorTextureDescribes a custom vertex format structure that contains position, color, and one set of texture coordinates.
Public StructureVertexPositionNormalTextureDescribes a custom vertex format structure that contains position, normal data, and one set of texture coordinates.
Public StructureVertexPositionTextureDescribes a custom vertex format structure that contains position and one set of texture coordinates.
Public StructureViewportDefines the window dimensions of a render-target surface onto which a 3D volume projects.

Public EnumerationBlendDefines color blending factors.
Public EnumerationBlendFunctionDefines how to combine a source color with the destination color already on the render target for color blending.
Public EnumerationBufferUsageSpecifies special usage of the buffer contents.
Public EnumerationClearOptionsSpecifies the buffer to use when calling Clear.
Public EnumerationColorWriteChannelsDefines the color channels that can be chosen for a per-channel write to a render target color buffer.
Public EnumerationCompareFunctionDefines comparison functions that can be chosen for alpha, stencil, or depth-buffer tests.
Public EnumerationCubeMapFaceDefines the faces of a cube map in the TextureCube class type.
Public EnumerationCullModeDefines winding orders that may be used to identify back faces for culling.
Public EnumerationDepthFormatDefines the format of data in a depth-stencil buffer.
Public EnumerationEffectParameterClassDefines classes that can be used for effect parameters or shader constants.
Public EnumerationEffectParameterTypeDefines types that can be used for effect parameters or shader constants.
Public EnumerationFillModeDescribes options for filling the vertices and lines that define a primitive.
Public EnumerationGraphicsDeviceStatusDescribes the status of the device.
Public EnumerationGraphicsProfile Identifies the set of supported devices for the game based on device capabilities.
Public EnumerationIndexElementSizeDefines the size of an element of an index buffer.
Public EnumerationPresentIntervalDefines flags that describe the relationship between the adapter refresh rate and the rate at which Present operations are completed.
Public EnumerationPrimitiveTypeDefines how vertex data is ordered.
Public EnumerationRenderTargetUsageDetermines how render target data is used once a new render target is set.
Public EnumerationSetDataOptionsDescribes whether existing vertex or index buffer data will be overwritten or discarded during a SetData operation.
Public EnumerationSpriteEffectsDefines sprite mirroring options.
Public EnumerationSpriteSortModeDefines sprite sort-rendering options.
Public EnumerationStencilOperationDefines stencil buffer operations.
Public EnumerationSurfaceFormatDefines various types of surface formats.
Public EnumerationTextureAddressModeDefines modes for addressing texels using texture coordinates that are outside of the typical range of 0.0 to 1.0.
Public EnumerationTextureFilterDefines filtering types during texture sampling.
Public EnumerationVertexElementFormatDefines vertex element formats.
Public EnumerationVertexElementUsageDefines usage for vertex elements.

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