GraphicsDeviceCapabilities Properties

Public PropertyAdapterOrdinalInGroup Gets the number indicating the order in which heads are referenced by the API.
Public PropertyAlphaCompareCapabilitiesGets the alpha-test comparison capabilities.
Public PropertyCubeTextureFilterCapabilitiesGets texture-filtering capabilities for a cube texture.
Public PropertyCursorCapabilitiesGets hardware cursor capabilties.
Public PropertyDeclarationTypeCapabilitiesGets vertex data type capabilities.
Public PropertyDepthBufferCompareCapabilitiesGets depth buffer comparision capabilities.
Public PropertyDestinationBlendCapabilitiesGets destination-blending capabilities.
Public PropertyDeviceCapabilitiesGets graphics device capabilities.
Public PropertyDeviceTypeReturns the type of the current GraphicsDevice.
Public PropertyDriverCapabilitiesGets device driver capabilities.
Public PropertyExtentsAdjust Gets the number of pixels to adjust the extents rectangle outward to accommodate antialiasing kernels.
Public PropertyGuardBandBottomGets the bottom screen-space coordinate of the guard-band clipping region.
Public PropertyGuardBandLeftGets the left screen-space coordinate of the guard-band clipping region.
Public PropertyGuardBandRightGets the right coordinate of the guard-band clipping region.
Public PropertyGuardBandTopGets the top screen-space coordinate of the guard-band clipping region.
Public PropertyLineCapabilitiesGets line-drawing primitives capabilities.
Public PropertyMasterAdapterOrdinalGets the master device for this subordinate.
Public PropertyMaxAnisotropy Gets the maximum valid value for the MaxAnisotropy texture-stage state.
Public PropertyMaxPixelShader30InstructionSlotsGets the maximum number of pixel shader instruction slots supported.
Public PropertyMaxPixelShaderProfileReturns the maximum pixel shader profile for this GraphicsDevice.
Public PropertyMaxPointSizeGets the maximum size of a point primitive.
Public PropertyMaxPrimitiveCountGets the maximum number of primitives for each DrawPrimitives call.
Public PropertyMaxSimultaneousRenderTargetsGets the maximum number of simultaneous render targets.
Public PropertyMaxSimultaneousTexturesGets the maximum number of textures that can be simultaneously bound to the fixed-function pipeline sampler stages.
Public PropertyMaxStreamsGets the maximum number of concurrent data streams.
Public PropertyMaxStreamStrideGets the maximum stride.
Public PropertyMaxTextureAspectRatioGets the maximum texture aspect ratio supported by the hardware.
Public PropertyMaxTextureHeightGets the maximum texture height for this device.
Public PropertyMaxTextureRepeatGets the maximum range of the integer bits of the post-normalized texture coordinates.
Public PropertyMaxTextureWidthGets the maximum texture width for this device.
Public PropertyMaxUserClipPlanesGets the maximum number of user-defined clipping planes supported.
Public PropertyMaxVertexIndexGets the maximum size of indices supported for hardware vertex processing.
Public PropertyMaxVertexShader30InstructionSlotsGets the maximum number of vertex shader instruction slots supported.
Public PropertyMaxVertexShaderConstantsGets the number of vertex shader registers that are reserved for constants.
Public PropertyMaxVertexShaderProfile Returns the maximum vertex shader profile for this GraphicsDevice.
Public PropertyMaxVertexWGets the maximum W-based depth value that the device supports.
Public PropertyMaxVolumeExtentGets the maximum value for any of the three dimensions (width, height, and depth) of a volume texture.
Public PropertyNumberOfAdaptersInGroupGets the number of adapters in this adapter group (only if master).
Public PropertyPixelShader1xMaxValueGets the maximum value of pixel shader arithmetic component.
Public PropertyPixelShaderCapabilitiesGets the pixel shader 2.0 capabilities.
Public PropertyPixelShaderVersionGets the pixel shader main and sub versions.
Public PropertyPresentIntervalGets the rate at which the swap chain's back buffers are presented to the front buffer.
Public PropertyPrimitiveCapabilitiesGets driver primitive capabilities.
Public PropertyRasterCapabilitiesGets information on raster-drawing capabilities.
Public PropertyShadingCapabilitiesGets shading operations capabilities.
Public PropertySourceBlendCapabilitiesGets source-blending capabilities.
Public PropertyStencilCapabilitiesGets the supported stencil-buffer operations.
Public PropertyTextureAddressCapabilitiesGets texture-addressing capabilities for texture objects.
Public PropertyTextureCapabilitiesGets miscellaneous texture-mapping capabilities.
Public PropertyTextureFilterCapabilitiesGets texture-filtering capabilities for a texture.
Public PropertyVertexFormatCapabilitiesGets flexible vertex format capabilities.
Public PropertyVertexProcessingCapabilitiesGets vertex processing capabilities.
Public PropertyVertexShaderCapabilitiesGets vertex shader version 2.0 extended capabilities.
Public PropertyVertexShaderVersionGets the vertex shader main and sub versions.
Public PropertyVertexTextureFilterCapabilitiesGets vertex shader texture filter capabilities.
Public PropertyVolumeTextureAddressCapabilitiesGets texture-addressing capabilities for a volume texture
Public PropertyVolumeTextureFilterCapabilitiesGets texture-filtering capabilities for a volume texture.

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