SpriteBatch.Draw Method (Texture2D, Rectangle, Nullable<Rectangle>, Color, Single, Vector2, SpriteEffects, Single)

Adds a sprite to the batch of sprites to be rendered, specifying the texture, destination and source rectangles, color tint, rotation, origin, effects, and sort depth.

Namespace: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics
Assembly: Microsoft.Xna.Framework (in microsoft.xna.framework.dll)

public void Draw (
         Texture2D texture,
         Rectangle destinationRectangle,
         Nullable<Rectangle> sourceRectangle,
         Color color,
         float rotation,
         Vector2 origin,
         SpriteEffects effects,
         float layerDepth


The sprite texture.
A rectangle specifying, in screen coordinates, where the sprite will be drawn. If this rectangle is not the same size as sourcerectangle, the sprite is scaled to fit.
A rectangle specifying, in texels, which section of the rectangle to draw. Use null to draw the entire texture.
The color channel modulation to use. Use Color.White for full color with no tinting.
The angle, in radians, to rotate the sprite around the origin.
The origin of the sprite. Specify (0,0) for the upper-left corner.
Rotations to apply prior to rendering.
The sorting depth of the sprite, between 0 (front) and 1 (back).

Exception typeCondition
ArgumentNullException texture is null.
InvalidOperationException Draw was called, but Begin has not yet been called. Begin must be called successfully before Draw can be called.

Before any calls to Draw, you must call Begin. Once all calls to Draw are complete, call End.

Xbox 360, Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista