Value Property (PointKeyFrame)

Gets or sets the key frame's target value.

<object Value="Point" .../>
value = object.Value
object.Value = value

Property Value


The key frame's target value, which is the value of this key frame at its specified KeyTime.

This property is read/write. The default value is a point with value 0,0.


Point parallels a convention that is supported by a type converter, such that properties that take a Point as their value can specify a Point as a formatted string. The type converter generates a new Point value based on processing the string. The type converter functions both for XAML usages and script usages. In both cases, you supply a quoted string. The format of that string is an X,Y value pair. Alternatively, you can use a space rather than a comma as the delimiter betweeen X and Y in the string.

See remarks in Point for details on scripting usages. The Value property of PointAnimationUsingKeyFrames is one of the cases where the object model provides access to an actual Point as a return value if you get this property at runtime. This means that you can potentially use the X and Y properties of the returned Point to adjust the animation either before it runs or while it runs.

Applies To

DiscretePointKeyFrame, LinearPointKeyFrame, SplinePointKeyFrame

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