Working with User Input and Text Entry

Windows Media Center applications need to consider different aspects of user input and interaction with the application, and of text entry, including the way that users enter text from a distance, and how to enter text in their own language.

To support all user conditions, including Media Center Extender, your application must enable the user to enter text where needed by using only the remote control. An application typically requires the user to enter text during the following scenarios:

  • Initial service sign-up
  • Logon
  • Search

This section discusses these considerations in the following topics:

Displaying the Onscreen KeyboardExplains how to use the onscreen keyboard for text entry.
Triple-Tap Text EntryDescribes the triple-tap method of text entry, which can be entered from the remote control or from the triple-tap layout of the onscreen keyboard.
Understanding Mouse, Keyboard, Remote Control, and Touch InputLists the buttons, grouped by function, that may appear on a Windows Media Center remote control.
Working with Input HandlersDescribes how to work with input handlers to capture user input.
Working with Input from Touch ScreensDescribes different considerations in accepting user input from touch screens.

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