Working with View Items

View items are the different visual primitives that you can use to create a UI. The Content attribute of the UI element can contain only one direct child element, although each view item can contain child elements.

You can use the following view items to design a UI:

  • The Clip element defines a clipping region, which prevents drawing beyond its bounds. See the topic Using Clips for more information.
  • The ColorFill element draws a rectangle of a solid color, such as a background. See the topic Using ColorFills for more information.
  • The Panel element is an invisible layout container. See the topic Using Panels for more information.
  • The Repeater element repeats a markup based on a given dataset. See the topic Using Repeaters for more information.
  • The Scroller element scrolls content that cannot fit within the space provided. See the topic Using Scrollers for more information.
  • The Text element displays text. See the topic Displaying Text for more information.
  • The Graphic element displays an image. See the topic Working with Graphics for more information.
  • The Host element hosts another UI.
  • The NowPlaying element defines a placeholder item that indicates where to display the Now Playing inset. See Playing Media for more information.

Sample Explorer

  • Repeater > all samples
  • View Items – Clip > all samples
  • View Items – ColorFill > all samples
  • View Items – Graphic > all samples
  • View Items – NowPlaying > Panel
  • View Items – Panel > Panel
  • View Items – Text > all samples
  • View Items – Video > Video

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