Understanding the Fundamentals

This section describes basic concepts to understand before you begin developing Windows Media Center applications in the following topics:

Overview of the Windows Media Center PlatformProvides an overview of the Windows Media Center platform.
Application TypesDescribes the types of Windows Media Center applications: local, web, and background.
Creating a Strong-Named AssemblyDescribes requirements for strong-name signing your assemblies.
Threads in Windows Media CenterDescribes the thread process in Windows Media Center.
Understanding the Windows Media Center Back StackDescribes the way Windows Media Center manages the page back stack.
Ensuring the Application Has a Single InstanceDescribes how to ensure only one instance of the application can be running at a tiime.
Identifying Windows Media Center VersionsExplains how to detect the presence of Windows Media Center and determine the version that the user is running.
Identifying a Media Center Extender SessionDescribes how to determine whether a user is running Windows Media Center on an Extender device.
Using the Preview Tool to Develop UIDescribes how to use the Preview Tool.
Building and Modifying the Sample ApplicationsDescribes how to build the different sample applications that are included in the Windows Media Center SDK.

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