NowPlaying Element

Defines a placeholder item that indicates where to display the Now Playing inset.


    IsActive="{true | false}"
    ShowFullMetadata="{Always | Default | Never | OnFocus}"
    SnapToDefaultPosition="{true | false}"



Indicates whether there is currently an active Now Playing inset. This value is read-only.


Specifies the metadata display policy. This value must be a member of the MetadataVisibility enumeration.

When this attribute is set to "Always", the minimum size of the inset is 735 x 132 pixels. When set to "Never", the inset requires 176 x 132 pixels. If you override the default minimum size, be careful to allow adequate space or the view item may not be displayed correctly or may not be displayed at all.


Determines whether the Now Playing inset should snap to its default location (the same position that Media Center uses for the Now Playing inset). If set to true and the Now Playing inset was laid out to a position close to it, the Now Playing inset will be placed in its default position.


The placeholder itself has no visual appearance. The Now Playing inset will automatically track the placeholder's visibility and position.


Platform: Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Home Premium, and later

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