Playing Media

This section describes how to play audio and video content in the shared and custom view ports, summarizes the types of media content that are supported, and other playback-related considerations in the following topics:

Using the Now Playing and Video View ItemsDescribes the insets for playing video.
Working with NowPlayingDescribes how to display the Now Playing inset.
Displaying Multiple Video and NowPlaying ItemsDescribes the limitations when displaying multiple Video and NowPlaying view items.
Working with a Media CollectionDescribes how to work with media collections to create and manage dynamic playlists.
Creating Lists of Media ItemsDescribes how to create a list of items from the media libraries.
Creating Full Screen VideoDescribes the considerations of displaying video in full screen.
Retrieving Playback InformationDescribes how to retrieve information about the current media, including the buffering progress, play state, and play rate.
Supported Media Types for Windows Media CenterLists the types of media content that are supported by Windows Media Center.
Displaying Content Based on Parental ControlsDescribes how to retrieve the parental control settings for content to determine whether to prompt for the access code.

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