MCML Types

This section describes the view items and other elements that you can use in MCML markup.

AccessibleImplements accessibility support by mapping certain UI functions to standard accessibility actions that can be used by external accessibility aides.
AggregateImports an MCML resource and its markup types and resources through the MCML container.
AlphaKeyframeSpecifies an alpha keyframe for an animation.
AnchorEdgeSpecifies an edge anchor for anchor layouts.
AnchorLayoutSpecifies an anchor layout.
AnchorLayoutInputSpecifies input for an anchor layout element.
AnimationDescribes an animation associated with a view item.
BindingDefines a rule that binds a source to a target. The target is updated whenever the source changes.
BooleanTransformerConverts data to a Boolean value.
ChangedDefines a rule that invokes actions based on a source change.
ClickHandlerAn event handler that provides button-like input behavior to a UI object.
ClipDefines a clipping region, which prevents drawing beyond its bounds.
ColorFillDisplays a solid fill.
ColorKeyframeDefines a color keyframe for an animation.
ConditionDefines a rule that invokes actions based on a logical condition.
DateTimeTransformerConverts date-time data to a string for display purposes.
DebugTraceDebugs rules by displaying the output on the debug console.
DefaultDefines a rule for a default action if no other higher-priority rules apply.
DockLayoutDefines a dock layout.
DockLayoutInputDefines input for a dock layout element.
EnvironmentTracks the state of the current host.
EqualityDefines a rule condition based on whether a source equals a given value.
ExceptionHandlerAn event handler that catches exceptions for Invoke, Set, and command objects.
FlowLayoutDefines a layout in which items flow one after another.
FontSpecifies the font of an object.
FormatTransformerConverts an object to a string with a specified format.
FormLayoutInputDefines a form layout.
GesturePanHandlerAn input handler that provides pan gesture tracking behavior to a UI object.
GestureRatchetSettingsDefines the ratcheting settings for gestures.
GestureInertiaSettingsDefines how a gesture handler should react to inertia.
GraphicDisplays an image.
GridLayoutDefines a layout that arranges children in a grid fashion.
HandleExceptionDefines an exception handler for an Invoke, Set, or Command object.
HostHosts a child UI.
IndexRepresents the current data and virtual index when repeating a data set.
InputUsed to access input-related state and events within a UI.
InterpolationEstimates intermediate values between two keyframes.
InvokeCommandInvokes an arbitrary method.
InvokeInvokes an action as the result of a rule.
IsNotTypeDefines a rule condition based on whether a source is not a given type.
IsTypeDefines a rule condition based on whether a source is a given type.
IsValidDefines a rule condition based on whether a source can be queried without error (for example, there are no null values).
KeyHandlerProvides keystroke input behavior to a UI element.
MajorMinorDefines a two-dimensional vector.
MathTransformerDefines a mathematical conversion.
McmlThe top-level root tag of a Windows Media Center markup document.
MergeAnimationCombines multiple source animations into one.
ModifiedDetermines whether a given source was modified.
MouseWheelHandlerSets up an event handler that provides mouse/wheel input behavior to a UI element.
NavigateCommandDefines an action to navigate to a specified destination MCML resource in response to a command.
NavigateDefines an action to navigate to a specified destination MCML resource in response to a rule.
NowPlayingDefines a placeholder item that indicates where to display the Now Playing inset.
ObjectPathRepresents an artibrary object path with dot-into object support.
PanelDefines a non-drawing layout container.
PlayAnimationDefines an action to play animation.
PlaySoundDefines an action to play sound.
PositionKeyframeDefines a position keyframe for an animation.
RepeaterRepeats a markup based on a given dataset.
RotateKeyframeDefines a rotation keyframe for an animation.
RotateLayoutDefines a rotation of 0, 90, 180, or 270 degrees for child elements.
RuleDefines the base rule for other rules. This element allows you to construct custom lists of conditions and actions.
ScaleKeyframeDefines a scale keyframe for an animation.
ScaleLayoutScales child elements up or down as specified.
ScrollerScrolls content.
ScrollingDataDefines the data used for scrolling.
ScrollingHandlerDefines common scrolling input behavior for a UI element.
SecureTypingHandlerAn event handler that provides secure editbox-like input behavior to a UI object. String values are encrypted. Display values are always masked.
SetDefines an action that sets a property value for a target.
ShortcutHandlerAn event handler that provides shortcut command-input behavior to a UI element.
SizeKeyframeDefines a size keyframe for an animation.
SwitchAnimationSpecifies two or more animations from which to choose, based on a value from Choice, BooleanChoice, RangedValue, or IntRangedValue.
TextDraws text.
TimeSpanTransformerConverts a TimeSpan value to a string for display purposes.
TransformAnimationEnables simple time- and value-based transformations on all of the keyframes in a reference animation.
TransformByAttributeAnimationPerforms time and value transformations to a reference animation based on a visual attribute such as width or index.
TripleTapKeyInfoProvides header and label information for triple-tap keys.
TypeSelectorRepeater content selector that matches based on type.
TypingHandlerEvent handler that provides edit box-like input behavior to a UI element.
UIDefines a UI—how it appears visually, how it behaves, and how it interacts with code/data objects.
ValueSelectorSelects content for a repeater by comparing the result of an arbitrary object path to a value.
VideoDisplays video.

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