MCML Basics

This section covers basic aspects of working with MCML.

Model-View SeparationDescribes the concept of separating the code and data of an application from its visual user interface.
MCML Syntax for Elements and AttributesDescribes the syntax of MCML, including nested structures, and the option of using expanded and inline forms.
Markup NamespacesExplains how to reference namespaces.
Using Resources in MCMLLists the resource types that are supported.
Accessing MCML LibrariesDescribes how to access markup-defined resources.
Referencing Assemblies from MarkupExplains how to reference assemblies.
Reserved KeywordsLists the keywords that are reserved in MCML.
Naming ElementsDescribes the restrictions to MCML names.
Using Object PathsDescribes how to use object paths to access members of CLR objects.
Loading an MCML PageDescribes how to load an MCML page using different methods.
Binding Code and Data to MCMLDescribes how to bind to members of .NET Framework objects, such as ModelItem objects and the types derived from it.

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