Creating the XML Registration Information

To connect the integration locations with your application entry points, you must create the XML that contains the registration information to pass to the Windows Media Center registration API.

Use the following XML elements to create the registration file:

  • The application element specifies the path to your application and several application attributes.
  • The entrypoint element contains the parameters for the application.
  • The category element specifies the integration locations for a given entry point.
  • The capabilitiesRequired element specifies values that indicate the environment that the application needs to run correctly.

The RegisterMCEApp.exe utility takes the XML in the form of a file, while the RegisterApplication methods take the XML as a string. The XML consists of an application element and one or more nested entrypoint elements. Each entrypoint element can contain one or more nested category elements, one for each category in which the entry point is to appear.

To prevent errors during registration when you create your XML:

  • Be sure to correctly nest single and double quotes, and to correctly escape them.
  • The XML must be well formed; avoid XML syntax errors.
  • Be sure to include all of the attributes that are required.
  • Be sure to include at least one application element, one entrypoint element, and one category element.

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