Aggregate Element

Imports an MCML resource and its markup types and resources through the MCML container.





Contains the URI of the MCML resource to import.


The Aggregate element makes all top-level markup resources (UIs, Images, Sounds, Animations, and so forth) available through the local MCML file's namespace. Aggregates are typically used for grouping many MCML files under a single namespace.

For example, if you have several controls defined within several MCML files (such as buttons and editboxes), you could create a file called "Control.mcml" and reference each of your individual controls using Aggregate tags. Then, all of your controls can be accessed using the Controls.mcml file with a single xmlns statement.

Aggregates increase the potential of name collisions because the contents of the referenced MCML resources may not be known. When importing markup types and resources that have the same name as container resources, the imported versions override the local versions.


Platform: Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Home Premium, and later

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