This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Range.PasteSpecial Method

Office 2007
Pastes a Range from the Clipboard into the specified range.


expression.PasteSpecial(Paste, Operation, SkipBlanks, Transpose)

expression   A variable that represents a Range object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
PasteOptionalXlPasteType. The part of the range to be pasted.
OperationOptionalXlPasteSpecialOperation. The paste operation.
SkipBlanksOptionalVariantTrue to have blank cells in the range on the Clipboard not be pasted into the destination range. The default value is False.
TransposeOptionalVariantTrue to transpose rows and columns when the range is pasted.The default value is False.

Return Value


This example replaces the data in cells D1:D5 on Sheet1 with the sum of the existing contents and cells C1:C5 on Sheet1.

Visual Basic for Applications
With Worksheets("Sheet1")
    .Range("D1:D5").PasteSpecial _
End With