This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Document.TablesOfContents Property

Office 2007
Returns a TablesOfContents collection that represents the tables of contents in the specified document. Read-only.



expression   A variable that represents a Document object.


For information about returning a single member of a collection, see Returning an Object from a Collection.


This example adds a table of contents at the beginning of Sales.doc. The table of contents collects entry text from TC fields.

Visual Basic for Applications
Set myRange = Documents("Sales.doc").Range(Start:=0, End:=0)
Documents("Sales.doc").TablesOfContents.Add Range:=myRange, _
    UseFields:=True, UseHeadingStyles:=False

This example updates the page numbers for items in the table of contents in the active document.

Visual Basic for Applications
For Each myTOC In ActiveDocument.TablesOfContents
Next myTOC