Version Property
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Database.Version Property

Office 2007
In a Microsoft Access workspace, returns the vesion of the Microsoft Jet or Microsoft Access database engine that created the database. Read-only String.



expression   A variable that represents a Database object.


The return value is a String that evaluates to a version number, formatted as follows.

  • Microsoft Access workspace represents the version number in the form "major.minor". For example, "3.0". The product version number consists of the version number (3), a period, and the release number (0).

The following table shows which version of the database engine was included with various versions of Microsoft products.

Database EngineVersion (year released)Microsoft AccessMicrosoft Visual BasicMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft Visual C++
Microsoft Jet1.0 (1992)1.0N/AN/AN/A
Microsoft Jet1.1 (1993)1.13.0N/AN/A
Microsoft Jet2.0 (1994)2.0N/AN/AN/A
Microsoft Jet2.5 (1995)N/A4.0 (16-bit)N/AN/A
Microsoft Jet3.0 (1995)‘95 (7.0)4.0 (32-bit)‘95 (7.0)4.x
Microsoft Jet3.5 (1996)‘97 (8.0)5.0‘97 (8.0)5.0
Microsoft Jet4.0 (2000)2000 (9.0)2000 (9.0)
Microsoft Access database engine12.0 (2007)Microsoft Office Access 2007

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