This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

StopMacro Macro Action

Office 2007

You can use the StopMacro action to stop the currently running macro.


The StopMacro action doesn't have any arguments.


You typically use this action when a condition makes it necessary to stop the macro. You can use a conditional expression in the macro's action row that contains this action. When the expression evaluates to True (–1), Microsoft Office Access 2007 stops the macro.

For example, you might create a macro that opens a form showing the daily order totals for the date entered in a custom dialog box. You could use a conditional expression to be sure that the Order Date control on the dialog box contains a valid date. If it doesn't, the MsgBox action can display an error message and the StopMacro action can stop the macro.

If the macro has used the Echo or SetWarnings actions to turn echo or the display of system messages off, the StopMacro action automatically turns them back on.

This action isn't available in a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) module.


Synchronize forms by using a macro

The following macro opens a Product List form in the lower-right corner of the Suppliers form, displaying the current supplier's products. It shows the use of the Echo, MsgBox, GoToControl, StopMacro, OpenForm, and MoveSize actions. It also shows the use of a conditional expression with the MsgBox, GoToControl, and StopMacro actions. This macro should be attached to the Review Products button on the Suppliers form.

ConditionActionArguments: SettingComment
EchoEcho On: NoStop screen updating while the macro is running.
IsNull([SupplierID])MsgBoxMessage: Move to the supplier record whose products you want to see, then click the Review Products button again.

Beep: Yes

Type: None

Title: Select a Supplier

If there is no current supplier on the Suppliers form, display a message.
...GoToControlControl Name: CompanyNameMove focus to the CompanyName control.
...StopMacro Stop the macro.
OpenFormForm Name: Product List

View: Datasheet

Filter Name:

Where Condition: [SupplierID] = [Forms]![Suppliers]![SupplierID]

Data Mode: Read Only

Window Mode: Normal

Open the Product List form and show the current supplier's products.
MoveSizeRight: 0.7799"

Down: 1.8"

Position the Product List form in the lower right of the Suppliers form.